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Let God recreate us from within in Christ

Posté par diaconos le 4 mai 2019

  index Let God recreate us from within in Christ, and present our body to God as a living sacrifice. When we go through these two steps, God begins to renew our consciousness, to change our way of thinking.

Then he reveals his will to our renewed spirit in three successive phases: first good, second pleasant, third perfect. In other words, the more we progress in revealing God’s will, the better it becomes. Let us look in more detail at the nature of our renewed thoughts.

Paul said in Romans 12:1, and in verse 2, in which he deals with the renewal of the mind. Let us now look at the following verse, Romans 12:3, where it explains what happens when our minds are renewed : « By the grace given to me, I tell each of you not to hold a too high opinion of yourself, but to take on modest feelings, according to the measure of faith that God has given to each of you. « Either you eat, or you drink, or you do something else, do everything for the glory of God.

This is the motivation of the one whose intelligence is renewed. His desire and purpose tend only towards what glorifies God. He doesn’t ask, « Will this help me ? What do I get out of it ?

Homily : third Sunday of Easter, year CFollow me !

Follow me !Follow me! Follow me! I will make you « fishermen of men »… They left everything behind and followed him. Follow me! Follow me! I will make you « fishermen of men ». They left everything behind and followed him….

In our countries of old Christian tradition, faith in the resurrection is unacceptable to many people and even a number of practitioners admit not to believe in it. In a recent survey published on March 27 in L’Avenir de Namur, 5.7% of respondents said they believed in it!

Many of the faithful are still uncertain about this fact? Yes, faith in the resurrection is difficult and, for this 3rd Sunday of Easter, the Gospel recognizes that the apostles themselves had great difficulty in accepting it.

Yet… there were men and women who had followed Jesus for months if not years, listened to his preaching, attended his miraculous healings, received private teachings where he revealed to them that he would be refused, hated and finally put to death before resurrecting.

And when, this Easter morning, some of the women in the group returned in a hurry from the tomb they had just discovered empty and where two angels had told them that Jesus had risen as he had predicted: these poor messengers had been received with mockery.

Peter had still wanted to realize: he had seen the empty tomb and left puzzled. Later, two disciples who, completely discouraged, had left Jerusalem to return to their village of Emmaus, suddenly returned in the middle of the night claiming that they had been joined by an unknown traveller who had made them understand the meaning of the cross and, at home, they had recognized him « at the breaking of bread »: it was really Jesus!

The object of Christian witness will always remain: « Jesus died on the cross and rose again ». This testimony concerns us all until the end of time. The Good News of Easter brings about conversion and a radical change of life.

In this Sunday’s Gospel, it is the Holy Spirit who encourages Peter to go fishing. And the apostles answered, « Yes, we are going with you. »

This last apparition of Jesus to his disciples took place in the context of their occupations and material concerns. Jesus wanted to find his disciples in this way, where he had called them to follow him for the first time, on the shores of Lake Galilee, in their fishing activity. He wanted to be part of their work. The essential thing is that Christ went to meet his apostles at the very heart of their action!

This is a supreme example of the collaboration that the risen Christ offers to each person. It doesn’t matter how he is present: the joy is that he is there. Do we know how to recognize him alive and active today?

This Sunday, Jesus sets an example, acts as a fisherman of men, he catches Simon Peter, who had sunk up to his neck, by his denial. Jesus, three times, handed him the pole. « Peter, do you love me? « And Peter answered three times: « Yes » when he had said three times « No », in his denial. It is a resurrection, a radical change of life for Peter.

The question put to Pierre three times is being asked today. This is a key question to which an affirmative answer leads to a clear and precise invitation: « Follow me. « Do you love me? Do you still love me?  Do you love me enough?  But if you love me, forget your infidelities as I forget them and follow me! « Christ tells us unceasingly.


 lwf0004.gif Michel Houyoux, Permanent Deacon


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