If anyone loves me, they will stay true to my word.

Posté par diaconos le 20 mai 2019

Homily for the sixth Sunday of Easter, year C

If Anyone Loves Me He Will Keep My Word 200If anyone loves me, they will stay true to my word

« If any man love me, he will remain faithful to my word; my Father will love him, we will come to him, we will go and stay with him. » (Jn 14, 23) – Jesus promises us that God will come to dwell in the hearts of the people who welcome him and believe in him. In other words, it will only be recognized as a gift by those who really love it.

In our current world, we admire Jesus as a model, we have nothing against him but we leave him aside by professing : « I am a believer not practicing » It is just as absurd as saying : « I am hungry but I do not eat. » Jesus is alive and well and he is always active in the world. His message should make us think. Christ affirms that he is present through the true believers in whom he dwells.

« If anyone loves me, they will stay true to my word » – Between people who love each other, there is listening, dialogue, speech, communication. Nothing worse in a couple than not listening, not talking. Communication allows for adaptation. It is essential to live together! If we talk to each other, we can adjust, know our new desires and respond to them.

The words of Jesus are Words of Love – Actions are not enough : a sacrament is only valid if there has been a gesture (water of baptism) and a word (I baptize you). In love it’s the same! It is up to each of us to find these happy words that spring from our hearts.  Jesus speaks to us of a Word to which we are faithful, a word put into practice : « Love one another as I have loved you. »

Jesus speaks to us of a Word that, when lived, makes it truly present : « Whoever welcomes one of these little ones welcomes me » (Mt 18,5). The presence of the risen and living Christ can be seen concretely in the lives of the true disciples. To do this, let us lead ourselves as friends of Jesus, the Christ, through the witness of our obedient life to the Father’s calls. Let us lead ourselves as friends of God through true brotherly love for one another, through a prayer that manifests our joy in spending time with our friend.
Michel Houyoux, permanent deacon

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If Anyone Loves Me He Will Keep My Word

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