Third Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year B

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Convert and believe the Gospel

Convertissez-vous et croyez à l'évangile

# The institution of the twelve apostles is an episode in the life of Jesus which appears in the three synoptic gospels: Matthew 10, 1-4, Mark 3, 13-19, Luke 6, 12-16, but not in the Gospel according to John. It relates the initial selection of the twelve apostles from among the disciples of Jesus. Salvation is a spiritual concept that means « deliverance and liberation ». The believer who possesses salvation is thus delivered and freed from sin, dissatisfaction and eternal condemnation (hell). He enjoys a relationship with God and thus has access to paradise. Soteriology is a field of theology that studies the different doctrines of salvation.

Noting a variety of salvation theologies, some authors have tried to articulate them. Since it is Christ who saves humanity, a conception of salvation will therefore have consequences for an understanding of the mysteries of Christ: soteriology influences Christology. Bernard Sesboüé proposed a similar model, but, following Aulen, he distinguished a salvation that comes from God and a salvation that comes through man. Various New Testament texts stress the central importance of eternal salvation. Other expressions are used to designate salvation, such as « eternal life » or « Kingdom of God ».


From the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Mark

After the arrest of John the Baptist, Jesus left for Galilee to proclaim the Gospel of God ; he said : « The time is fulfilled: the kingdom of God is at hand. Convert and believe in the Gospel. « Passing along the Sea of Galilee, Jesus saw Simon and Andrew, Simon’s brother, casting their nets into the sea, for they were fishermen.
He said to them, « Come after me. I will make you fishers of men. « Immediately they left their nets and followed him. Jesus went a little further on and saw James, son of Zebedee, and his brother John, who were in the boat repairing the nets. Immediately Jesus called them. So leaving their father Zebedee and his workers in the boat, they went after him.  (Mk 1, 14-20)

Vocation of the first disciples

John’s imprisonment brought Jesus back to Galilee. Passing along the lake, Jesus called Simon and Andrew, then James and John to follow him. They left their father Zebedee with the workers. Mark summed up the preaching of Jesus Christ as: the Gospel of God, that is to say, the good news of salvation of which God is the author : « PAUL, SERVANT of Christ Jesus, called to be an Apostle, set apart for the Gospel of God, to all the beloved of God who are in Rome. « (Rm 1, 1)

The time that was fulfilled was the great time determined by God, announced by the prophets, hoped for and desired by the believers of the Old Covenant, the time of salvation : « But when the fullness of time came, God sent forth his Son, born of a woman and subject to the law of Moses) ». (Gal 45:4) Then Jesus began to found the kingdom or kingdom of God on earth : « Be converted, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. « (Mt 3, 2)

The way to enter this spiritual realm is for the sinful man to repent or convert.  This double experience of our soul: the deep and painful feeling of sin, and the faith of the heart which embraces all the treasures of grace offered by the Gospel, is usually simultaneous ; it is one and the same work of God’s Spirit within it. Mark alone preserved this rich and complete summary of the preaching of Jesus Christ, which contains the seeds of all the teachings of the Gospel.

« And immediately Jesus called them, and leaving Zebedee their father in the boat with the workmen, they followed him. »  Mark alone retained this characteristic feature, that the two sons of Zebedee left their father in the boat with the workers.

Deacon Michel Houyoux

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