Thursday of the thirty-second week in Ordinary Time – Year B

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From the Book of Wisdom

22 In Wisdom there is a spirit that is intelligent and holy, unique and manifold, subtle and swift; piercing, sharp, clear and unimpaired; a friend of the good, lively, 23 irresistible, beneficent, a friend of men; firm, sure and peaceful, all-powerful and all-observing, penetrating all spirits, even the most intelligent, the purest and the most subtle. 24 For Wisdom moves with a movement that surpasses all others; it passes through and penetrates everything because of its purity. 25 For it is the breath of the power of God, the pure emanation of the glory of the Sovereign of the universe; therefore nothing unclean can reach it.

26 It is the radiance of the eternal light, the spotless mirror of God’s activity, the image of his goodness. 27 Since it is unique, it can do everything; and without leaving itself, it renews the universe. From age to age it is passed on to holy souls, to make them prophets and friends of God. 28 For God loves only him who lives with Wisdom. 29 It is more beautiful than the sun, it surpasses all the constellations; if you compare it with the light of day, it is far superior. (Wis 7:22 – 8:1)

 The Book of Wisdom

In the last centuries before Christ, the Greek culture, introduced by Alexander, penetrated all the countries of the Middle East. The Greeks had a new understanding of individual freedom, nobility of spirit, interest in scientific research, a sense of physical beauty. The Jews opened up to this new way of thinking: when a people locks itself into its national culture, without looking beyond it, it ends up suffocating. Their culture was intimately linked to the words of God received over the centuries, but God’s revelation was not complete and could not be enclosed in the moulds of Hebrew culture.

The book of Wisdom was the first great effort by a Jew living in the Greek world to express the faith and wisdom of Israel in Greek and also in a form adapted to Greek culture. The book answers the agonising questions of evil, suffering and death, and outlines a proof of God’s existence from which Paul drew inspiration: he showed that God’s mercy applies to all people without exception. The book of Wisdom was written in Egypt between 80 and 50 BC.

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The Kingdom of God is among you

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