Lord, to whom could we go ? You have the words of eternal life.

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Lord, to whom could we go ? You have the words of eternal life. dans Catéchèse 37cf620c0c176db0a18290f33f8e2a57

Lord, to whom could we go ? You have the words of eternal life

You have the words of eternal life..png 180Lord, to whom could we go.png 200 At the moment when Jesus reveals the extraordinary gift he gives to the world, the gift of his person under the Eucharistic species, he undergoes the most categorical rejection of those who are his disciples. However, the Eucharist is such a mystery that we hardly understand it. This mystery is so disconcerting that it becomes the stumbling block to the believer’s authentic faith.

In the Synagogue of Capernaum, Christ spoke crudely to the Jews of the Eucharist: he invited them to eat his flesh and drink his blood. It was impossible for Jews to hear these words in a symbolic or figurative sense. Blood being reserved for God in sacrifices. The Jews were outraged :  » Does that hurt you ? » (Jn 6:61b) Jesus asked them. Confused, even shocked, many of his disciples left and stopped walking with him Jesus did nothing to recover them, He let them go so that the world would know that the Eucharistic bread is not a symbol or a simple memorial put its real presence under the Eucharistic appearances. The Eucharist is a realistic gesture in which God really gives himself. The mystery is so disconcerting that the apostles were troubled. Jesus saw their hesitation and said to them : « Are you going to leave me too ? » 

 Fortunately Peter was there, he saved the situation : » Lord, to whom could we go? You have the words of eternal life.  » (Jn 6:68) This word of Peter does not mean that he had understood everything from the discourse on the bread of life, much less the gift of the Body and Blood of Christ for the life of the world. Peter was ready to put all his trust in Jesus in faith and then to commit his whole life to him. Whatever Christ’s instructions and demands, Peter acknowledged that he had forged bonds with him that no one can break. We are here at the heart of the faith, in a personal relationship firmly established on trust.

Choosing is probably one of the most difficult things in our lives: first because it involves taking a risk, and second because even a definitive choice must be renewed. Throughout our lives we have many choices to make. Doing so is relatively easy in most cases. Jesus’ challenge to his disciples is one of unconditional commitment. There is no if, or or, or but. For many people, this is the most difficult part of any form of human engagement: long-term fidelity. In this perspective, many people are withdrawing: they want to keep their options open.

Saint Peter has chosen to faithfully continue his journey with Christ. He realizes how no other option could ensure him the happiness, meaning, joy and power that come to him from God. Like Saint Paul, he knows that his option is by far the best; he knows in whom he has put his faith. Today, Jesus is relaunching the same challenge that Joshua once gave to the people of Israel :  » Choose today who you want to serve! « (Joshua 24, 15b)

We are called to develop every day our reflexes of faith to recognize Christ wherever he is. Let us meet him through daily prayer, see him in the people we meet on the street, at meals, etc. Let us discover it in the beauty of nature… Let us give thanks for everything and about everything, especially when we come to Mass. What a beautiful way to prepare ourselves for the Lord’s definitive coming into our lives!

We are also called to maintain and develop our hope in the coming of the Lord during and at the end of our lives. The time that passes is precious. Let us not waste our lives by giving ourselves only to perishable realities. What is definitive is the glass of water given, the piece of bread shared, the comfort given to the sick, the time devoted to the crying child, the alms given in secret, the presence of others, the welcome of the stranger, forgiveness. In a word, everything we accomplish for love leads us directly to the entrance into eternal joy.

What is not easy is to be faithful and consistent with each of the choices we have made. By choosing God we have renounced all the other gods. By choosing a husband or wife, the woman and man renounce all other possible candidates, and all the even more wonderful people who can be met later in life. By choosing Christ, we renounce all false prophets. Blessed are those who can answer him: « Lord, to whom could we go? You have the words of life.

Deacon Michel Houyoux

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