Sunday of the Twenty-seventh Week of Ordinary Time – Even Year

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Sunday of the Twenty-seventh Week of Ordinary Time - Even Year dans La messe du dimanche week4-mustardseed

From the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Luke

At that moment the apostles said to the Lord: « Increase our faith! « The Lord answered: « If you had had faith, as great as a mustard seed, you would have said to this tree: ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it would have obeyed you. Which of you, when his servant has ploughed or tended his cattle, will say to him when he returns from the field: ‘Come quickly and sit down to eat’? Or will you not say to him: ‘Prepare my supper and dress to serve me, while I eat and drink. Then shall ye eat and drink Will he be grateful to that servant for doing his bidding? In the same way, when you have done all you have been commanded, say : ‘We are mere servants, we have only done our duty’  » (Lk 17 5-10)

It is impossible for scandals not to occur.

Woe to those who provoke them! Be careful ! If your brother sins against you, rebuke him and forgive him even for repeated offences. The strength of faith Faced with such an obligation, the apostles asked Jesus to increase their faith. Jesus replied that it is enough to have a faith the size of a mustard seed to plant a mulberry tree in the sea.

« Take heed to yourselves ! If your brother sins, rebuke him ; and if he repents, forgive him ». (Lk 17, 3) This exhortation to vigilance belongs to what was said above: since scandal is inevitable in the world, you, my disciples, beware of giving rise to it! For nowhere are our relations more difficult than with those who sin and offend us. The duty to forgive offences, which is an act of true charity, has no limits, because charity has no limits. We must not stop at ♥hyperbolic assumption of a man so lacking in moral character as to offend another man seven times a day and ask for forgiveness. We must simply remember this truth: charity always forgives.

The apostles took the duty Jesus had prescribed to them seriously, but found themselves unable to fulfil it. Hence their prayer: ‘Increase our faith’. They were enlightened enough to feel that a faith more powerful than theirs, which changed their hearts and worked through charity, made them capable of forgiving, of always forgiving. They would do what seems absolutely impossible, because faith takes possession of the very power of God. And even the smallest degree of this true faith will give you this power. Jesus assumed that the disciples had enough faith, that they had to use it; it did not matter whether their faith was great or small ; if like a mustard seed, they only had to use it and they would do wonders.

Deacon Michel Houyoux

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